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Visit Leader Training

Course introduction:

This resource for visit leaders will explain the purpose of educational visits and how to ensure that the necessary health and safety and safeguarding measures are in place for these visits. The content of this course is universally applicable, making it suitable for visit leaders both in the UK and Overseas.

This course is endorsed by EVOLVE and the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom.

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Course Content:

This course seeks to give visit leaders a better understanding of:

  • the purpose of educational visits

  • legal expectations

  • planning and risk management

  • evaluation and monitoring

  • visit emergencies.

The potential risks involved in educational visits can be avoided if the educational visits policy and the advice and guidance provided by the employer are followed carefully. It is good practice for employers to engage or have access to a competent Educational Visits Adviser to provide expert training, advice and guidance.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Enhanced knowledge and understanding about the effective supervision of young people taking part in off-site activities and visits

  • Greater confidence and ability to act as a visit leader

  • Increased competence in risk assessing and managing risks on off-site visits

About the author:

Norberto Fusi (MA) is an Educational Visits Adviser for EES for Schools.

He has been involved in running educational visits for over 40 years. As a secondary school teacher, he led Geography field trips and ski trips. This was followed by 20 years managing a residential study centre for Essex County Council, hosting hundreds of primary, secondary and overseas students on short school visits. For the past ten years Norberto has been training Educational Visits Coordinators and visit leaders in his role as an Educational Visits Adviser, and supporting schools in Essex and Warwickshire with advice, guidance and training. The development of this course has been assisted and supported by Jake Wiid and Clive Atkins, Educational Visits Advisers.


Participants will receive a Certificate of completion upon completion of the course.


The costs below are for a one-year licence for all staff. This includes any staff who may join midway through the year.

Infant, Nursery, Special, Junior, Primary schools with less than 200 pupils - £200
Infant, Nursery, Special, Junior, Primary schools with over 200 pupils - £250
Secondary Schools up to 500 pupils - £350
Secondary Schools up to 750 pupils - £450
Secondary Schools up to 1000 pupils - £550
Secondary Schools over 1000 pupils - £600

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