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EVC Training

EVC Training

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This training course covers aspects of the law related to educational visits, risk assessment of visits, and the administrative requirements associated with off-site educational activities as recommended by the Department for Education.

The course will enable EVCs to plan and manage their schools’ educational visits and off-site activities in line with National Guidance and current good practice, and thus help fulfil their Health & Safety obligations.


This course is aimed at new and existing EVCs in all schools (maintained, Independent Schools, Foundation Schools, and Academies) where the employer has agreed that this is suitable.


Enhanced knowledge and understanding about the effective supervision of young people taking part in off-site activities and visits
Greater confidence and ability to act as the Education Visit Co-ordinator
Increased competence in risk assessing and managing risks on off-site visits

Course Content:

This course aims to equip staff with the key requirements to become a competent Educational Visit Co-ordinator. The course outlines key considerations in planning an educational visit, updating participants with current good practice in the supervision of young people.

The course provides training in strategies used for risk management and risk assessment off-site, and will include sessions on:

  • Planning

  • Risk management

  • Competence

  • Supervision

  • Guidance

  • Best Practice

  • Legal issues



Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance upon completion of the course.


£750+vat for up to 16 people at your establishment (£50pp for additional attendees)

From £100+vat at our venue


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