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Click above to download the E+ brochure

Click above to download the E+ brochure

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What is EVOLVE+?

Any school that accesses EVOLVE via their Local Authority or Trust can add the EVOLVE+ package to their system.

EVOLVE+ is an optional suite of features designed to further assist schools and colleges in the operational management of all opportunities for learning outside the classroom. These features have been designed in a modular, flexible way so that you can choose which features to use.

How can I use EVOLVE+?

  • Synchronise Staff and Participant data from your MIS (SIMS or equivalent) to EVOLVE automatically
  • Automatically include student data (e.g. medical details, parental contact details, pupil premium, FSM etc.) on event registers
  • Incorporate key staff members through Outline Approval
  • Gather and record consent online
  • Send text message and emails to parents and carers
  • Configure Calendar Feeds to share information externally

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How much does EVOLVE+ cost?

The total cost is £250 per annum.